20 Actually Bizarre Fan Theories That If truth be told Were given Showed

20 Really Weird Fan Theories That Actually Got Confirmed

There aren’t many presentations that get extra fan love than Sailor Moon. In keeping with the hit manga, this extremely in style anime has touched hearts internationally, crossing language and cultural limitations to cement its position in animation canon. It was once a forerunner of the still-popular “magical lady” anime style, and as such, it had an amazing affect on later the archetype of a girl with magical powers, particularly person who maintains a powerful sisterly bond along with her buddies.

Consider it or now not, Sailor Moon was once partially innovative for the way it depicted its heroines. Earlier anime, that have been helmed by way of males, solid feminine characters into stereotypes, most often wide generalizations serious about exaggerated traits. For instance, a display may function a woman who was once comically, overwhelmingly nerdy to the purpose that she had no persona.  As a substitute of succumbing to this pattern, Sailor Moon featured girls who have been distinct on account of their personalities. Now not simplest did this require precise writing talents, however it demonstrated appreciate for the ladies who would turn out to be Sailor Moon lovers over the approaching years.

As with all wildly in style display, Sailor Moon has observed its percentage of untamed fan theories. A few of these have been primary and speculated upon severe plot issues. Others centered extra on traits of the Sailor Scouts, comparable to their left-handedness or age. It doesn’t matter what your fan principle about Sailor Moon involves, now could be the time to drag out your field set and re-investigate the loved sequence that first impressed your creativeness.

Listed below are 20 Actually Bizarre Fan Sailor Moon Fan Theories That If truth be told Were given Showed.

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20 Usagi should be touching her brooch to stay Sailor Moon

Fanatics have lengthy speculated that Sailor Moon’s brooch is a keystone of her energy. Her transformation scene in particular dwells upon her clothes and niknaks, suggesting that they’re innately robust. Positive occasions within the display additionally suggest that her brooch is particular.

In Episode 51, Sailor Moon fights Leshy, a carnivorous plant monster. This villain smashes her brooch, whereupon she in an instant transforms again into Usagi. The similar factor occurs in Episode 90 when Sailor Moon is separated from her brooch once more. The one time that Sailor Moon loses her brooch and remains reworked is after she voluntarily gets rid of it in Episode 85, when she rescues Chibiusa from the affect of evil. This turns out to substantiate the idea that she must retain keep an eye on of the brooch to stay a Sailor, and that involuntary removing leads to her reversion to an strange schoolgirl.

19 The Amazons are destined to turn out to be a part of Chibiusa’s court docket

Chibiusa was once clearly destined to turn out to be a Sailor senshi herself sooner or later. She manifests the crimson crystal, for something, and she or he each transforms and has powers. When the Amazons seemed, they have been an speedy hit with lovers. Straight away, unswerving audience speculated that those villains may in reality have bene intended to be Sailor senshi, too. Since they have been meant to get up afterward, it gave the impression imaginable that they have been, actually, Chibiusa’s would-be court docket.

The display later showed this principle, despite the fact that it’s unclear whether or not that was once the unique aim for the Amazons or if their reputation impressed the display’s inventive group to modify their future.

18 Chibiusa is Usagi’s daughter

When Chibiusa presented in Episode 104, she’s to begin with suspicious of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Masks, figuring out them as individuals who seem like her oldsters however may well be imposters. That by myself will have to have dispelled any rumors that Chibiusa and Usagi aren’t similar, and because the display went on, it turned into clearer that that they had a mother-daughter connection.

For some reason why, confusion about Chibiusa’s parentage persists to these days. In case our remaining article about Chibiusa didn’t state this obviously sufficient, let’s set the document immediately as soon as and for all: Chibiusa is Usagi’s daughter from the long run, as showed by way of the manga, the anime, and commonplace sense.

17 Luna, Artemis, and Diana can communicate as a result of they’re extraterrestrial beings from Mau

In a large number of cartoons, the truth that animals can communicate is a given. The Sailorverse simplest includes a handful of speaking animals: the cats. Certain, there are any other particular animals, however they don’t talk, and there’s not anything within the display or manga to suggest that they have been ever meant to. Why are Luna, Artemis, and Diana other?

The solution, as showed in Episode 46, is that they don’t seem to be in reality cats. As a substitute, they’re extraterrestrial beings from the planet Mau. Within the manga, they even be capable to shapeshift into humanoid paperwork, which might were superior to look within the anime.

16 Chibiusa is over 900 years previous

Episode 85 is an emotional one. Usagi’s defeat of her daughter’s darkish shape put many lovers on edge. Nonetheless, keen-eyed audience spotted a essential clue to Chibiusa’s backstory: a birthday cake that indicated her true age. There had already been hypothesis that Chibiusa may well be older than she seems – whilst she seems to be a six-year-old, there are lots of issues the place she comes throughout as extra mature than Usagi. Since she’s phase immortal, it could come as no wonder if her charge of maturation have been other than the typical human’s, however some lovers have been stunned at simply how other that charge was once!

Even supposing she looks as if a kid, Chibiusa is in reality about 900 years previous, as showed by way of her birthday cake.

15 Sailor Mars is left-handed

Have you ever ever spotted that Rei attracts her bow along with her left hand? Fanatics certain did! Whilst some arguments declare that this isn’t sufficient proof to stage that Sailor Mars is a southpaw, it’s laborious to believe the use of the flawed hand to function a work of weaponry that relies such a lot on ability and dexterity. Whilst it’s additionally imaginable that Sailor Mars is ambidextrous, the consistency with which she makes use of a left-hand draw turns out useful.

Mars already marches to the beat of her personal drum. This can be only one extra approach through which she is exclusive a number of the Sailor senshi.

14 Villains assault Tokyo on account of the crystals

It’s the perennial downside of anime villains: why do they retain selecting fights with heroes who by no means lose? When it comes to Sailor Moon, there’s a excellent fan principle that explains the entirety: the villains are after the crystals. Each and every senshi has a crystal that purposes because the supply of her energy. The truth that the senshi are situated in Tokyo is the explanation that Tokyo assists in keeping getting attacked. If the senshi have been primarily based in New York, Sailor Moon would were a far other display.

The crystals are an instantaneous get for a mid-range villain who simply needs energy and has no broader standpoint. Difficult some teenage ladies for such ridiculously helpful pieces would almost definitely look like a good suggestion to a couple interstellar dope on the lookout for a snappy energy up.

13 Sailor Mercury’s stress-induced hives

Most of the people don’t get away after they learn love letters, however Sailor Mercury isn’t most of the people! The working comic story within the anime is that Mercury will get so flustered by way of those passionate declarations that her face turns into an unattractive nest of hives. Fanatics knew that anything was once up when, within the manga, she famous that she breaks out every time she’s feeling emotionally wired. That is the principle symptom of psychogenic urticaria, a real clinical situation that reasons those that have to damage out in blotches after they’re underneath emotional drive.

Just right factor that pressure doesn’t impact Mercury’s fight readiness. Some other folks to find martial arts stress-free. Possibly she’s one in every of them!

12 Queen Beryl isn’t a lot older than Sailor Moon

Finally the drama of the Moon Kingdom, Beryl discovered herself reborn on Earth at round the similar time because the senshi have been at school. Stumbling upon Metalia reawakened her recollections and became her again into the scorned sorceress all of us like to hate, however previous to that, she was once simply an strange 20-something. Even supposing she would possibly appear mysterious and possessed of serious adulthood, she’s in reality slightly shut in age to the Sailors.

If Usagi is 14 on the sequence’ opening, then it’s possible that Beryl is not more than six years older than her. How did any person so younger turn out to be so sour and imply? It’s all of the ones previous existence recollections that permit her make mischief for Sailor Moon and her group.

11 Tuxedo Masks is Sailor Earth

When lovers realized that Tuxedo Masks had the golden megastar seed, their hopes and goals fell into place– a minimum of, midway! We’d already guessed that Mamoru Chiba was once associated with the guardians as a result of his identify actually interprets to “protector of the Earth.” Particularly, Earth has no senshi. On the other hand, Tuxedo Masks is all the time to be had to assist out (or simply throw a couple of roses and float round.)

Even if he can’t be a Sailor, his ownership of Earth’s megastar seed grants him some powers that permit him pitch in for the great guys. Within the manga, he even possessed the Golden Crystal. He’s a de facto Sailor, despite the fact that he can by no means cling that name for actual.

10 Sailor Pluto is the daughter of the Greek god Chronos

Sailor Pluto is likely one of the maximum serious and inflexible of the guardians. She’s answerable for the Time Gate, and making an allowance for the chance for paradoxes, it’s no marvel she’s any such stickler for the foundations. Between her vocation guarding the integrity of time – to the level that she in reality assaults Sailor Moon – and the truth that one in every of her signature fight strikes is the Chronos Hurricane, it’s now not sudden that she’s a demigod.

A startling portion of Sailor Moon is in keeping with symbols from global mythology. The traditional Greeks respected the god Chronos because the keeper of time, and he was once slightly inflexible himself. Finally, you’ll be able to’t prevent or gradual time! Sailor Pluto is Chronos’s daughter; an abnormal place in a display that hardly references paternal parentage.

9 Sailor Senshi trip again in time at sequence’ finish

The overall defeat of Queen Beryl is as dramatic as it’s gratifying. After that, do our heroines simply go back to college? One fan principle didn’t purchase it. After saving the universe, why would superpowered youngsters undergo math elegance and adolescent awkwardness? It doesn’t make sense that the Moon Princess would in an instant re-adjust to an ordinary existence.

The one rationalization is that the senshi are returned to a time sooner than they turned into Sailors. In a universe the place reincarnation, time trip, and exchange universes are reasonably commonplace, this turns out very possible. Clinching the argument is the truth that the sequence ends with Usagi’s opening monologue. Over the process Sailor Moon, Usagi grows from a bratty teenager to a warrior able to protecting all of life. Possibly she gained’t turn out to be a soldier on this timeline, however she’ll almost definitely make an excessively competent grownup!

8 Chibi Chibi is Sailor Galaxia

There’s an extended custom of extraordinarily robust beings taking diminutive paperwork. Buddha reincarnates as the common-or-garden Dalai Lama, prophets stroll the earth as beggars, and Sailor Galaxia aids the senshi as Chibi Chibi. Smartly, roughly. Fanatics of the manga will know that Chibi Chibi has a unique starting place within the comics. For now, we’ll simply focal point at the anime.

Within the display, Chibi is slightly of a puzzle in the beginning. She will be able to’t communicate a lot and the opposite characters speculate that she may well be one in every of Usagi’s daughters from the long run. This ruse is significant. Chibi is the incarnation of Sailor Galaxia’s Celebrity Seed; the center of the corrupted senshi’s goodness and gear. She must be just about Sailor Moon to ensure a excellent result for the senshi and assist them within the ultimate fight in opposition to Galaxia.

7 Sailor Cosmos makes use of time trip to lead Usagi

There are a large number of theories in the market about Sailor Cosmos. That’s as a result of each the anime and the manga purposely go away her mysterious. Is she Sailor Moon from a timeline the place she didn’t turn out to be Neo-Queen Serenity? Is she one in every of Usagi’s descendents? Even Takeuchi is imprecise on precisely who or what Sailor Cosmos is. On the other hand, we do know two issues: she fled a long term the place Chaos reigned, and in Greek mythology, Cosmos was once the other of Chaos.

Through coming again in time, she guides the senshi towards the most productive imaginable result: the only the place order prevails. Her wisdom of long term occasions would must be crucial to reaching this objective.

6 Sailor Galaxia is a sufferer of Chaos, now not a real villain

Galaxia is a sophisticated persona. She’s excellent, however like such a lot of others within the sequence (together with Chibi) she falls underneath the psychological sway of darkish powers. The display’s level is that the one actual risk of feminine empowerment and cooperation is psychological. Other folks may communicate you out of being an influence for excellent, however that possible will nonetheless exist inside of you.

That, and probably the most robust enemy may simply be your highest buddy if you’ll be able to deliver your self to grasp their interior ache and motivation. Nowhere is that this extra obvious than when Sailor Moon heals Galaxia within the display’s finale and proves that this robust enemy was once simply an best friend within the thrall of Chaos.

5 Sailor Venus acts as a decoy Moon Princess

There’s no query that Sailor Venus is fearless. Now not simplest is she courageous, however she may be in a position to sacrifice herself for Usagi’s protection. That’s why she’s presented because the Moon Princess, despite the fact that we in the end be informed that Usagi in reality holds that hereditary name.

It’s now not a lot of a soar from Usagi being Sailor Moon to Usagi being the rightful inheritor to Queen Serenity’s throne. Finally, the phrase “moon” is in her Sailor senshi name! Fanatics weren’t fooled, and lots of weren’t stunned that Sailor Venus was once a decoy – particularly since she stored throwing herself into hurt’s technique to save Usagi.

4 Simplest women folk will also be professional sailor guardians

Takeuchi herself has showed this principle, and while you consider it, it’s now not too a long way out of left box. The sequence itself is set feminine empowerment. Girls are probably the most robust characters on display screen, whether or not they’re heroes or villains. There aren’t even very many male characters of importance.

If there have been males within the Sailorverse who have been as robust because the guardians, you’d be expecting them to satisfy. On the other hand, even though Tuxedo Masks holds the Golden Crystal and has some slightly minor powers, he by no means transforms right into a miniskirted demigod. Senshi powers simply don’t paintings for males – sorry, guys!

3 The which means in the back of the numerous clinical references

True lovers know that Naoko Takeuchi is not any dummy. If truth be told, she’s a educated pharmacist who was once running on her stage in chemistry when she created Sailor Moon’s predecessor! Along with being a scientist and an artistic, she’s smartly versed in mythology, astronomy, and the symbolic meanings of literary archetypes. The alignment of the quite a lot of Sailors with planets is not any twist of fate – alchemical symbols used to align with planets, too, and villains like Beryl function names that reference minerals and chemical substances.

Fanatics have dived into the cosmology of Sailor Moon at nice duration. There’s no query about this principle: the science references are totally useful. Takeuchi even visited Kennedy Area Middle to investigate Sailor Moon S.

2 The drama is in keeping with Naoko Takeuchi’s existence

Fanatics have lengthy suspected that Sailor Moon is in keeping with Naoko Takeuchi’s personal existence. She even has slightly brother whose identify and traits replicate Usagi’s! Takeuchi herself has showed that Sailor Moon is a minimum of in part in keeping with herself and her existence. She primarily based the Sailor senshi on her personal sense of independence and function. The circle of relatives construction of the Sailorverse might also replicate her personal dating along with her friends and family rising up.

Regardless, her choice to make the sector a greater position indisputably bore out! Due to her, Sailor Moon has made a good have an effect on at the lives of 1000’s of other folks international.

1 Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus have been in a dating (as have been Zoisite and Kunzite)

For Eastern lovers, there was once by no means any query about Neptune and Uranus. The 2 senshi have been billed as cousins within the American dub, however fortunately, love in the end gained out when subtitled and authentic cuts of the display turned into to be had within the States. This wasn’t the one case of censorship in Sailor Moon, which was once notoriously modern when it got here to gender politics.

Villains Zoisite and Kunzite, two males, have been additionally open about their dating. Some English dubs re-gendered Zoisite, whilst others known him as Kunzite’s brother. Nonetheless, actual lovers couldn’t assist however assume that there was once anything extra to their dating when Zoisite dramatically perished in his distraught lover’s palms. In the end, they have been vindicated.

What is your favourite fan principle about Sailor Moon? Tell us within the feedback!

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