25 Bizarre Errors Followers Fully Missed In Pokémon

25 Weird Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In Pokémon

Ah, Pokémon. Seven generations of video games— plus remakes— and huge media content material stretching over twenty-one seasons of exhibits and twenty-one films at the moment launched (we’re not counting Detective Pikachu… but). You’d suppose that with all the Pokémon content material on the market, Nintendo would go over the whole lot with a fine-tooth comb for errors. However that doesn’t all the time appear to be the case— particularly with the sooner video games.

Many Pokémon video games are fraught with errors of some variety. Gen I video games like Pokémon Pink/Blue/Yellow are plagued with glitches— some, like Missingno, extra well-known than others—programming errors, and mistranslations from the Japanese video games. However there are a number of less-subtle errors that almost all gamers may not discover in passing.

A lot of them need to do with coach Pokémon utilizing strikes they shouldn’t. When you may blame programmers for not rigorously inspecting a Pokémon’s movesets, many Pokémon strikes typically find yourself having the identical outcomes, and it’s straightforward to get wires crossed. Different errors embrace buggy, overpowered, or improperly-functional options that had been fastened in later patches or later Generations of video games. Lastly, some issues simply don’t add up, and it’s by no means defined whether or not it was intentional or if the Nintendo growth group is simply that tight-lipped about errors.

Luckily, loads of these errors can sneak proper beneath most followers’ noses— a lot of the ones on this record didn’t lead to a patch or perhaps a point out of a mistake from the Nintendo group. Right here’s 25 errors from assorted Pokémon video games that you could be not have observed throughout your playthroughs.

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25 The Frozen Standing Impact Was Means Too Highly effective

In Era I video games, the frozen standing impact meant large hassle in your Pokémon. Whereas freezing doesn’t affect well being, it does render your Pokémon motionless, leaving it broad open from assaults from the opposite celebration. For those who want your frozen Pokémon healed whereas in a battle, you’ve received two choices— waste a flip utilizing an Ice Heal, or hope that your opposing coach has a Pokémon with a Hearth-type assault that may thaw your Pokemon out for you.

This could pose an issue in battles like Elite 4’s Lorelai. This ice queen has two Pokémon with strikes able to freezing yours, and none of her different Ice-types have Hearth-type assaults as a result of… why would they? For those who uncared for purchase some Ice Heals earlier than going into your Elite 4 journey, you’re simply out of luck.

Luckily, this was fastened in Era II going onward. There’s now a proportion probability per flip of your Pokémon overcoming being frozen, similar to every other standing impact.

24 Lance’s Dragonite Is aware of Barrier

In all Era I video games (apart from Pokémon Yellow) the Dragon-type Elite 4 coach, Lance, has a Dragonite that may use the transfer Barrier, which it has by no means been in a position to be taught. That is additionally to say nothing of Lance’s low degree, totally advanced Dragonites in Era II.

In a cheeky wink by Nintendo, a Gen VI International Hyperlink occasion distributed a Dragonite primarily based on Lance’s personal Dragonite— together with the transfer Barrier. As a result of Pokébank and the flexibility to cross down Egg Strikes throughout breeding, it’s now technically attainable in later video games to have a Dragonite that is aware of the transfer by authentic means.

23 Early Coach AIs Have been Form Of Busted

Opponent Pokémon trainers need to have some sort of programming concerned to make issues difficult. Nonetheless, in early video games, the Trainers had been simply sort of programmed to make use of sure strikes in a sure order. Which means that widespread Pokémon ways, like type-matching, weren’t actually taken under consideration. Opponent Trainers and even Gymnasium Leaders would typically use ineffective strikes on a participant’s Pokémon. For instance, Lt. Surge’s Electrical-type Pokémon on the Vermillion Gymnasium in Pokémon Pink/Blue/Yellow will nonetheless use Electrical-Sort Strikes— even on a Floor-type Pokémon.

Luckily, opponent AI has been improved over the past seven generations, however it’s nonetheless not fully flawless.

22 Victini’s Pokédex Quantity

Each Pokemon is assigned a Nationwide Pokédex quantity (which accounts for all Pokémon) and a regional Pokédex quantity (which solely accounts for Pokémon that may be present in that sport). Each regional Pokédex begins again at #001.

Nonetheless, the regional Pokédex quantity for the Legendary Pokémon Victini in Gen V is #000. It’s by no means acknowledged by builders why that is— that is the one occasion of it taking place, and the regional dexes for Generations VI and VII begin again at #001. That is additionally the one occasion of a Legendary/Legendary Pokémon falling into the Pokédex earlier than the widespread Pokémon of the area.

21 Gardevoir Is aware of Fairy Wind In The X/Y Trailer

Throughout Nintendo’s E3 2013 trailer for Pokémon X and Y, we see an opponent Gardevoir utilizing the transfer Fairy Wind. Within the precise X/Y sport, it isn’t attainable for Gardevoir to know or be taught this transfer.

It’s very attainable that Gardevoir was initially supposed to have the ability to use Fairy Wind, and that was later scrapped. X/Y marked the start of Era VI, and the primary iteration of the brand new Fairy-type. Introducing a brand new Pokémon kind all the time hits a number of snags within the first sport— assigning new Pokémon, reassigning some previous Pokémon, and arising with new strikes as properly. Certainly, it will probably get somewhat complicated.

20 How Does Friendship Evolution Even Work?

Starting in Era II, some Pokémon may solely evolve when leveling up with a excessive sufficient friendship stat. This might be a wonderfully effective mechanism if anyone would clarify how Pokémon friendship even works. Positive, there are some actions that can improve a Pokémon’s friendship with you, and others that can lower it, however the precise numbers aren’t actually agreed upon.

And whereas there are a handful of NPCs in every sport that can measure friendship, they by no means give an actual quantity so that you can gauge the place you’re. Having no solution to instantly measure a Pokémon’s friendship stat might be tough in sure conditions. This doesn’t even embrace the Affection stat, which was launched in Gen VI and is outwardly a complete different factor.

19 Cooltrainer Dianne’s Lanturn Is aware of Earthquake

Cooltrainer Dianne, who might be discovered on on Victory Highway in Pokémon Emerald, has a Lanturn that may use Earthquake. It has by no means been attainable for Lanturn to know this transfer. The truth is, it’s not attainable for Lanturn to be taught Earthquake— by leveling up or by TM/HM— in any Pokémon sport. And whereas there are a handful of Water-type Pokémon that can use Earthquake, most of them even have Floor-type secondary varieties, which Lanturn doesn’t. The truth is, Lanturn’s secondary kind is Electrical, so it wouldn’t even make sense for it to be able to a Floor-type transfer.

In addition to, does anybody wish to clarify to me how it could even be attainable for a fish to trigger an earthquake?

18 Potential Sport-Ender in Saffron Metropolis

Within the authentic Pokémon Pink/Blue/Yellow, you must bribe the guards with a refreshing drink to entry Saffron Metropolis. There’s a method, nonetheless, to make it inconceivable to buy the merchandise, thus locking you in place, making it truly inconceivable to proceed the sport.

The fundamental method to do that is to expire of cash. Battle each coach (stopping you from making any extra money), promote your gadgets, and waste your cash by blacking out, or on the Sport Nook. It’s tough to do, and most unlikely to occur by chance, however the level is that it is attainable.

Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen and different future Kanto-region video games created a workaround to this by making the tea that the guards desire a key merchandise that can’t be offered or traded.

17 MewTwo Comes Earlier within the Pokédex Than Mew

Mewtwo is usually mistakenly known as an advanced type of Mew, however it’s truly extra of a clone or a descendant. So it’s a bit unusual that Mewtwo’s precise Pokédex quantity (#150) comes earlier than Mew (#151).

That is most certainly as a result of Mew was a legendary Pokémon that was believed to be extinct (therefore, why it was cloned and spliced into turning into Mewtwo). Mew initially wasn’t even supposed to be in Pokémon Pink/Blue/Yellow, which could account for it being added to the Pokédex after Mewtwo. Nonetheless, with a reputation like MewTWO, it’s nonetheless somewhat odd that it comes first within the dex.

16 The Blackout In Lumiose Metropolis

In Pokémon X/Y, there’s a part of Lumiose Metropolis that’s cordoned off because of a blackout and the participant can’t progress till it’s fastened. This received’t be resolved till the participant takes on Workforce Flare on the Energy Plant. Till then, the participant is prevented from accessing the north a part of city.

For those who go to the blocked-off space at night time, when Lumiose Metropolis is all lit up, you’ll nonetheless be stored from accessing that a part of city because of the blackout. Regardless that you possibly can clearly see that there are lights on… proper… behind… him. Some “blackout”.

15 Arguably One Of The Most Highly effective Pokémon Is… Smeargle?

Smeargle from Pokemon

Smeargle has the transfer Sketch, which permits it to completely copy the final transfer utilized by the opponent Pokémon and simply use it… each time. Any transfer that ought to be inconceivable for Smeargle to make use of might be copied with sketch. After we say “any transfer”, we imply any transfer. Clearly, you possibly can’t copy Z-Strikes. You can’t copy Wrestle, which isn’t an actual transfer, or Chatter, which the builders simply most likely included as a result of Chatter was a nightmare from a growth standpoint.

Smeargle can be taught Sketch a number of occasions because it ranges up, which means you can have a Smeargle with 4 strikes that it technically shouldn’t be capable of know. It is a ridiculously highly effective transfer that’s unique to this Pokémon and has only a few in-game limitations. It’s not a mistake per se, however it is a large oversight that’s in determined want of overhaul.

14 Hiker Jim’s Onix Is aware of Wrap

Pokémon Let’s Go! Eevee / Let’s Go! Pikachu launched Grasp Coach Battles, which is a brand new growth for the sequence that sees gamers battle consultants of the unique Gen I Pokémon, plus Meltan and Melmetal, after beating the Elite 4. Successful all of those bestows the participant with the title Grand Grasp.

The Onix Grasp Coach, Hiker Jim, might be discovered on Underground Path 7-8. He has an Onix that is aware of the transfer Wrap. This isn’t a transfer that Onix ought to be capable of be taught. It’s presumably a programming error— Onix is able to utilizing Bind, and Bind may be very comparable in results to Wrap (though they’ve completely different energy ranges).

13 Unown Cannot Be taught Hidden Energy

Unown is an odd little hieroglyphic Pokémon able to showing in varied letter and punctuation shapes. Launched in Gen II, Unown was designed to solely be capable of use one transfer— its signature transfer, Hidden Energy. Unown doesn’t be taught new strikes upon leveling up, nor can Hidden Energy get replaced by a TM or HM transfer.

Hidden Energy is accessible as a TM for some Pokémon to be taught— largely Psychic-types. Nonetheless, in what can solely be described as a match of sadistic irony, Unown is unable to make use of this TM primarily based on its solely transfer. This is because of the truth that a transfer can’t be overwritten by itself.

12 Mawile’s Identify Was Misspelled In Its Pokédex

Mawile is a Gen III Pokémon with a big jaw on the again of its head. It was launched as a Metal kind, and have become a twin Fairy-type in Era VI. Within the 1.Zero launch of Pokémon Ruby, Mawile’s entry within the Pokédex was misspelled as “Mawhile”. This error solely occurred within the precise Pokédex entry itself— all different cases of Mawile’s title within the sport had been accurately spelled. This may occasionally have simply been a difficulty in translation from the Japanese sport, and it was fastened in model 1.1.

11 Roselia Is aware of Sludge In Battle Corridor


The Battle Frontier is likely one of the extra distinctive options obtainable in Pokémon PlatinumHeartGold, and SoulSilver. A stadium which permits gamers to face battles with sure challenges utilized within the hopes of potential reward, the Battle Frontier makes for an enticing little bit of post-game content material. The entire Roselia encountered within the Battle Corridor portion of the Frontier know the transfer Sludge. Though Roselia is a Grass/Poison-type, Sludge will not be a transfer it’s able to studying. Nonetheless, it will probably be taught Sludge Bomb through TM, which could simply account for the error; the strikes are very comparable and share the phrase “sludge”.

10 Zoroark Can Emulate A Shiny With out Being Shiny

Zoroark is a Darkish-type Pokémon launched in Era V. It has the flexibility Phantasm, which permits it to disguise itself as one other Pokémon up till they’re first hit in battle. It’s attainable for Zoroark to be shiny, and it’s also attainable for Zoroark to emulate a shiny Pokémon. As a result of the percentages for Zoroark being shiny and its phantasm being shiny are calculated individually, it’s attainable for a participant to imagine that they’ve discovered a shiny Pokemon, solely to find on the primary assault that it’s actually only a plain previous Zoroark. This isn’t a mistake per se, however it is fairly imply of the builders and possibly did not happen to them till after the sport’s launch.

9 Nintendo Anticipated Us To Commerce For Gengars And Not Be a Bunch Of Monsters About It

Gengar in Pokemon

In what was virtually actually a conspiracy on the a part of Nintendo to promote hyperlink cables (again earlier than the age of WiFi), some Pokémon may solely be advanced by buying and selling it to another person. Certainly one of these examples is Gengar; a Ghost/Poison-type broadly thought to be one of the desired Gen I Pokémon. You’ll be able to solely evolve your Haunter right into a Gengar by buying and selling.

In fact, this concerned placing a average quantity of religion in your pals that they might truly provide you with your newly-evolved Gengar again upon buying and selling. We doubt builders stopped to consider how kids may simply disconnect the cable and never commerce the Gengar again, thus turning them into real-life Workforce Rocket counterparts.

8 The Totem Wishiwashi’s Ally Alomomola Is aware of Water Gun

Say that 5 occasions quick. We dare you.

Pokémon X/Y launched Totem Pokémon, that are highly effective iterations of a particular Pokémon that the participant should face as a part of a trial. These Totem Pokémon have the flexibility to name ally Pokémon into battle, thus making the trial harder to win. One such Totem, Wishiwashi, can name in a squad of Alomomola. These Alomomola can assault the participant’s Pokémon with the transfer Water Gun. This isn’t a transfer that Alomomola are able to studying. Contemplating that Alomomola is a Water-type Pokemon, there is a plethora of Water-type strikes it will probably use, and it is unusual that it ended up with one of many strikes it will probably’t.

7 Parasect’s Pokédex Entry Mentions China

Officer Jenny's Parasect

It is broadly accepted that Pokémon exists in its personal little universe, away from the strife of globalization and politics. Some Pokémon areas do have apparent real-life counterparts—for instance, the Kalos area is predicated of of France, full with it is personal “Paris” within the type of Lumiose Metropolis. Nonetheless, Kalos is not France, it is simply the Pokémon model of it.

Nonetheless, Parasect’s Pokédex entry in Pokémon Stadium states that, “…the bug host is managed by the mushrooms that scatter toxic spores. The spores are generally used as drugs in China.”

That is proper. China. China is outwardly a common fixed between the Pokémon world and ours.

You can argue that Pokémon Stadium is an previous sport, and that builders might have nonetheless been hashing out the concept of Pokemon simply being its personal little world. Besides… wait. The identical Pokédex entry is utilized in Pokemon FireRedWhoops.

6 Some Child Pokemon Have been Launched After Their Advanced Varieties

Builders in some later-Era video games determined to show two-stage Pokémon evolutions into three-stage by including a brand new Pokémon at the start of the road. These “Child” Pokémon are low-level, often cute, and sometimes thought to be ineffective Pokémon that you just let sit behind your celebration and rack up sufficient friendship for it to evolve to the following stage. Examples of “Child” Pokémon added to Gen I evolution strains embrace Cleffa (evolves into Clefairy), Pichu (evolves into Pikachu), Tyrogue (evolves into Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, or Hitmontop), and Igglybuff (evolves into Jigglypuff).

Whereas builders have the fitting to do no matter they need, including Pokémon to the start of the evolutionary line simply would not make sense. Did Jigglypuff simply all of a sudden begin bursting out of eggs as Igglybuffs beginning in Gen II?

5 Lysandre’s Gyarados Is aware of Iron Head

In Pokémon X/Y, Workforce Flare Chief Lysandre has a Gyarados able to utilizing the transfer Iron Head. It is a bit odd, as a result of though Gyarados can know Iron Head within the video games instantly earlier than (Pokémon Black 2 / White 2) and instantly after (Pokémon Solar/Moon), Gyarados may by no means be taught Iron Head in X/Y. It’s, nonetheless, attainable to import a Gyarados that is aware of Iron Head from Black 2 / White 2 or Solar/Moon into X/Y. Gyarados additionally appears to be able to Iron Head in Pokémon OR/AS as properly, so it appears odd that X/Y can be the one holdout to this transfer.

4 The Previous Man Claims Your Raichu Advanced

In Pokémon Pink/Blue/Yellow, there’s an previous man on Cinnabar Island who will commerce you his Electrode for a Raichu, which is… truly a fairly candy deal?

For those who go to him later, he’ll let you know that the Raichu you gave him advanced! This isn’t truly attainable, as a result of Raichu was by no means given an advanced type.

A attainable clarification for this seems to be an improper translation. Within the Japanese model of Blue, the participant truly trades their Kadabra, which evolves into Alakazam through commerce. That is why in Japanese Blue, the previous man tells you that your Kadabra advanced. The English variations borrowed some dialogue from Japanese Blue, however they by no means fastened the dialogue about evolving— they simply substituted “Raichu” the place the dialogue mentioned “Kadabra”.

3 Brendan’s Hippowdon Is aware of Dig

After acquiring the Nationwide Pokédex in Pokémon Platinum, there are new trainers so that you can problem on Victory Highway. One such coach, Veteran Brendan, has a Hippowdon, which is a Floor-type Pokémon. Veteran Brendan’s Hippowdon is aware of the transfer Dig—nonetheless, it isn’t attainable for that Pokémon to have the ability to use this transfer.

It’s truly a bit odd that Hippowdon is unable to make use of Dig in Platinum. This modified in HeartGold and SoulSilver, and it is attainable to commerce a Hippowdon with the Dig transfer from a type of video games into Pokémon Platinum utilizing the Pokébank.

2 Focus Power Was Not As Marketed

Focus Power was a Era I transfer designed to primarily double a Pokémon’s probability of touchdown a crucial hit, which does additional injury. Nonetheless, because of a programming bug, the crucial hit probability truly decreased when a Pokémon used Focus Power— actually, it was virtually quartered. This was a serious bug, and fortuitously it was fastened in Era II and onward.

Moreover, the Focus Power transfer may very well be disrupted if the opponent Pokémon used the transfer Haze. This was additionally eliminated going into Era II.

1 Blaziken Is aware of Ice Punch In An Official OR/AS Screenshot

Blaziken Pokken Tournament

In official Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire pre-release screenshots by the Pokemon Worldwide web site, a Mega Blaziken is seen utilizing the transfer Ice Punch. Though the screenshots had been later eliminated, one quick-draw twitter consumer had the screenshots saved. It’s not attainable for any Hearth kind— Mega or in any other case —to know this transfer, and this contains Blaziken.

The unique screenshots gained loads of consideration on social media; sufficient that the Japanese Pokemon web site truly ended up pulling the screenshots and apologizing for the error. You’ll find the unique apology (though you have to to translate it) right here.

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