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Australia bitch gets fucked

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What sort Carlton WA cheating wives alternatives are out there to this most versatile of words? Dear Staff It has been brought to the CEO's attention that some individuals throughout the Ausgralia have been using foul language during the course of normal conversation with their colleagues.

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Champagne Showers - Expend ammunition. Retread - A soldier that is changing trades. Camel bricking is restricted to male camels and doesn't hurt unless you get your thumbs caught.

Gumpy Bar - Any form of chocolate bar that has not come from a ration pack. The term comes from the phrase "Fuck you Jack, I'm all butch. Term comes from the Anzacs. Also used to be used to describe medics whose medical kits looked like handbags and were often carried like a lady carries a handbag. Nungas — Term for Canungra.

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Extremely incompetent with non-existent leadership qualities. Gaz - Used to describe someone of unparalleled skill. This is called a barbecue. Cent - a Centurion Armoured Fighting Vehicle.

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Two or three new diggers jump to their feet "I have Sergeant! On the pill - to get with with, smarten up used in the s and fuckrd On the peg - to suck up to or otherwise ingratiate oneself with superiors Horny grannies southwest Montgomery order to seek better treatment or reward.

B[ edit ] Back-ups - Seconds when having a meal. Trip to free sex clubs Magic - A term used by infantrymen to describe any process or discipline which is incomprehensible to them eg Computers, radios, shoe laces etc. Government Fat - Description of military tax payer funded exercise or activity which in a high level of excitement for an individual - ie, "During tonight's attack, be sure to use all remaining blank rounds before the exercise ends and get your Government Fat on!

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Usually in relation to drill or weapon handling. Chef - In the Navy, they call the chefs on board the ships Chef. Bang Seat - Ejection seat. K[ edit ] Kelloggs Corporal - RAAF derogatory term for an airman who received the rank of CPL "on time" after the introduction of "on time promotion" rather than "promotion on merit", ie he got his stripes out of a Auatralia box.

Fudge factor to inflate and estimation for unexpected events. Can be aero or motor vehicle.

Also known as polys. Rarely heard these days. Damn those thugs from the scallop industry! Or No Fucken' Interest. If you're struggling with nav, talk to Johnno, he's a jet at it.

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Fisty Cuffs - A term used when two soldiers fight over a disagreement, usually Looking for sex rapids city the boozer. Operator - Refers to special forces members. Being the 2ic, Tech. Usually attained subsequent to the conduct of innumerable "DP1 Checks".

Refers to the conduct of a withdrawal, using a smoke grenade for obscuration. Clacker - The hand-held firing device for a 'Claymore' anti-personnel weapon.

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Giggle-hat - Bush head dress; '80s term that is fading from use. Other enemy - Fuckedd term for Military Police or Provost, now little used. Cunt is also widely used in a non offence way EG When greeting a mate, "Whats going on Cunt, how ya been? Diggers: What about the motorbike?

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Jackhammers — An elite section of technicians who not only strive to produce airpower but in fact succeed and excel. Buffer - The NCO who runs the seamanship department aboard a ship. Bludging on the Queen's shilling - Vets term for any attempt to avoid overseas deployment. Also used to denote fighting, ie "going the knuck on that guy".

An exclamation. Jam Shrewsbury - a magical mystical morale biscuit found in ration packs. Goinker - Somebody who sucks up to people of superior rank.