Does The JUNO & Co. Velvet Microfiber Make-up Sponge Paintings? It is SO Other Than Different Attractiveness Blenders

Does The JUNO & Co. Velvet Microfiber Makeup Sponge Work? It's SO Different Than Other Beauty Blenders

Attractiveness blenders, a lot of which can be impressed the unique, scorching red, and egg-shaped device this is best possible used when damp, are ample and copious. They are to be had in all varieties of colours, shapes, sizes, and fabrics, like silicone. However the JUNO & Co. microfiber velvet make-up sponge is not like any good looks applicator I have ever attempted — and I have performed with such a lot of of ’em.

From the SiliSponge to the The MakeupDrop to the rubbery Silc Blender, I have included all varieties of of squishy sponges and bouncy blenders into my regimen in various tactics.

The JUNO & Co. sponge has confirmed to be an immediate and Instagrammable sensation. The logo bought a whopping 250,000 (!!!) the applicators in simply 4 months.

The velvet-y device is child blue, has a slanted edge, and is tremendous comfortable to touch. It may be used rainy or dry and to use cream, liquid, or powder merchandise. There are a number of issues in regards to the JUNO & Co. velvet sponge that I desire over its friends.

First, the JUNO & Co. sponge is most efficient when used whilst dry — it offers my pores and skin a clean, airbrushed end.

Additionally, the microfiber subject matter feels totally lush and sumptuous when swiped towards pores and skin and whilst buffing and mixing product. The feel feels dear — however it isn’t. The sponges price simply $6 a work. That’s extremely inexpensive for a device I to find myself attaining for day by day.

Certain, the sunshine blue floor will get stained with basis and concealer. However that is not anything that cannot be wiped clean.

It is a make-up device. It is intended to turn indicators of use. Serve as is extra vital than shape. Plus, you’ll be able to and will have to use a correct cleanser to stay yours so contemporary and so blank.

Courtesy of Amy Sciarretto

As you’ll be able to see, the product sits on, reasonably than sinks into, the sponge. On account of this, I discovered myself the usage of at least product and having improbable regulate of the way I buffed and combined. I used to be the in reality the architect of my airbrushed end. Sure, it required slightly additional elbow grease to mix a rainy product. However the finish end result was once value it.

Courtesy of JUNO & Co.

My dry-use JUNO & Co. blender mimics a no-nonsense puff for powder, too. It may be used to dip, faucet, and pat product. Once in a while, I fear that my moistened blenders, which paintings best possible when damp, may well be by hook or by crook secretly accruing or fostering micro organism. Opting to make use of the JUNO whilst dry allays a few of the ones irrational germ fears. It does not soak up a large number of product and permits me to in reality buff a cream product to light-weight protection and a subtle end.

Courtesy of JUNO & Co.

The velvet sponge can be utilized rainy, although. It is adaptable. Squeeze and stipple when damp to succeed in the specified degree of protection.

What makes the JUNO & Co. sponge so efficient is the microscopic fibers which are smaller than a strand of silk. Mentioned fibers can select up and lock in product in order that the sponge acts nearly like a make-up brush. Software is in the end as exact as it’s easy.

The velvet texture seems like a kiss at the pores and skin. At simply $6 a powder blue pop, you’ll be able to’t beat it. If you happen to love your beautyblender however are ISO another that you simply use in live performance with it and best when dry, believe including the JUNO & Co. velvet sponge in your rotation. It is a keeper.

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