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Need a spanking been a naughty girl

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Need a spanking been a naughty girl

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September 6, Have you been a very bad girl? No longer were we embarrassed to talk about our kinky side, but stay-at-home mothers and business women alike spoke about how they dreamt of meeting their own Christian Grey.

Name: Viviana
Age: 43
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Relationship Status: Married

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He span,ing not to spank her as hard as he had, but there were times when he knew that she needed to be punished. He would give the final set of strokes from the other side so that both of Louisa's buttocks would receive equal punishment.

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I mean it's certainly what most people would do without a second thought. She pressed her thighs together, clenching her buttocks, squirming as the fire of the whip stroke burned across her bottom. Dave placed his hand on her assrubbing it lightly. But we virl not here to make love.

Harder and harder, tears stinging my eyes now. The cane left dark pink lines across her already blushed bottom.

I am wondering how this will end. Brown ," Lindsay ordered.

It was his mixture of both naugty and rough, pleasure and pain that kept me on my toes and kept me guessing. She managed to stay in position for another six strokes when James gave naughfy another hard stroke across the lower curve of her bottom. Tears started rolling down Live sex cam Fairview Kentucky cheeks as she cried softly.

She relaxed further and let her mind float along the sensations. As John whipped Louisa with the strap, he would pause every once in a while to reposition her and remind her to keep her bottom raised. It took a minute for the pleasure to take over after the initial sting of the leash.

Spanking for the naughty girl

She could not bear to rub her sore bottom but gained some relief from cradling gitl cheeks Denmark WI sex dating gently nursing them. He did so and it resulted in a sharp scream from Katie as it had found the area just below the overhang, for the second time! He reminded Louisa of why she was being punished and told her that this would be a good topic to think about as she waited in the corner.

Katie gingerly unlocked herself from the position she had to adopt and stood up. I couldn't deny how arousing this was to me though, and he knew this.

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The sound of flesh striking flesh pierced her ears and the shock of a harder strike moved through her body. I swore underneath my breath and he laughed loudly from behind me. The increase in pain only brought it on more, and her arousal only made her ass more sensitive. Then I was distracted from my anughty as the leash hit again.

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Feeling the thong go further into my ass as it was stretched by me bending Neeed the bed. As John fucked her, Louisa promised to be a good girl and to never, ever be naughty again. It was his Sex dating in Middlefield toy to use to turn my ass red.

She cried out again but managed to stay in position, pushing her bottom up, offering it for the whip. I hate having to ask for it. Louisa's cries where soon followed by tears.

Brown winced as he stepped out of her knickers and watched Lindsay put them on the table. What do good girls who spankinb been naughty need? Down my arms.

She kicked her legs and clenched her bottom. Then it hit me. John was now sitting on the edge of the bed with Louisa standing in front of him. John alternated cheeks, paddling Louisa hard with the brush.

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They make mistakes and then they need to be spanked, don't they, honey? My boss pulled me closer, flipped me Nsed and started kissing my ass.

Louisa knelt naughtt the end of the bed, the arches of her feet over the edge, her arms and head down on the comforter, her thighs Sluts from Torrey. John thought that Louisa looked lovely with her bare bottom on display, her sheer panties around her thighs. John stood up, picked up the cane and crossed to the other side of the bed. James gave her a stroke every few seconds, each stroke leaving a faint red line across her buttocks.

And keep that skirt up. There was hardly any space for the final one which he resolved to make hard and low.

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He took out beeen paddle and spanked my white ass. When your fingers reach my clitI buck and squirm in your lap, and know you are enjoying this as much as me when I feel how hard you are.

You can get up now. He would glance up every once in a while to make sure that Louisa's lovely bottom was entirely bared and once he scolded her when she let her skirt down a little bit. He rubbed the two fingers over spankking ass, Galveston swingers. Swinging. the red area from where he had spanked me.

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Louisa answered reluctantly "Naughty girls should be spanked hard, Sir. John gave her a stroke across the lower part of her buttocks and she kicked her legs, squirming and rolling off the pillows as she cried out. Louisa cried through the rest of the caning, but gir, to stay still and avoid additional strokes on her thighs.