Nissan’s Bizarre Double CVT Is Easiest for Top-Torque Packages

Nissan's Weird Double CVT Is Perfect for High-Torque Applications

Incessantly variable transmissions are nice for a large number of causes, however they do have one problem: They are no longer ready to care for huge quantities of torque. Nissan found out a well past this downside for high-output rear-wheel pressure packages within the overdue 1990s: Simply double the volume of interior portions within the transmission.

Jason Fenske of Engineering Defined breaks it down in his newest video. Nissan’s regularly variable transmission from the Y34-generation Cedric used a toroidal-type format reasonably than a belt-driven one, which you will be extra accustomed to. Toroidal CVTs use a mix of discs and gear rollers hooked up to the enter shaft to regulate equipment ratios, which Fenske breaks down within the first a part of the video under. Typically for toroidal CVTs, there is one enter disc, and one output disc to care for the entire torque coming in the course of the engine. To be able to conquer the transmission slipping from an excessive amount of torque, Nissan merely added any other set of toroidal items, necessarily splitting the paintings the transmission has to do in part. That implies Nissan can push extra torque in the course of the transmission with out being worried about slippage. The corporate claims this gearbox can resist 10 heaps of pressured being driven via it, which is so much.

In all probability even cooler is the specialised lubricant that Nissan evolved that is ready to suit between the toroidal CVT internals whilst nonetheless with the ability to transmit energy. Its molecules are in reality formed to fasten in combination when compressed in order that the facility curler and discs can nonetheless switch drive, even if there is a lubricant in between them. Cool stuff.

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