What Bizarre Factor Have You Attempted To Consume?

What Weird Thing Have You Tried To Eat?

Connie came upon that about 1 in each and every five other folks has eaten dog food…  She then proceeded to let us know that she is a kind of other folks.  Ew!  We would have liked to show that right into a #TQOTD, so we requested you what bizarre factor have you ever attempted?

What bizarre factor have you ever attempted to consume?

  • Dudes I had a fancy man forestall an ice cream truck in Iraq and gave me a sponge Bob popsicle and we ate goat

  • What bizarre factor have I tasted?? MUSHROOMS… They’re bizarre and disgusting. The ones of you who revel in fungus aren’t commonplace It is Monday.. four days till my women weekend

  • We use to pay my brother to consume Junebugs.

  • Whilst pregnant I cherished steak and shake grilled cheeses with pickles dipped in bbq sauce. Additionally ate a grilled peanut butter and jelly with chocolate chips melted at the within too.

  • Chocolate lined bugs

  • Excellent morning Connie and fish and intern Steve when I used to be in 3rd grade in fundamental college we attempted fried dandelions thank you trucker Don

  • When I used to be more youthful my brother dared me to consume this dandelion soup that he made, it was once simply smush dandelions and a few water lol strangely It did not style that dangerous

  • Textual content query of the day: bull testicles

  • #tqotd I’ve eaten Christine’s cooking. A few of it was once some Center-Japanese stuff that I will be able to’t even pronounce. Nobody died. It is not horrible. (If truth be told, it is excellent…that lady can cook dinner) Rob has additionally eaten it and survived.

  • #TQOTD I used to check out and consume paper and cardboard when I used to be a child 7-10yrs outdated. No clue why

  • A mix of chocolate milk and ranch

  • TQOTD…in fundamental college a gaggle people used to make use of plastic spoons and consume dry jello combine out baggies at recess children are so ridiculous! Like Steve stated concerning the protein powder, that can suck the juice proper up out of that mouth!

  • Dust pies

  • When I used to be a youngster I used to consume sugar cubes. I feel it might be why I am hooked on sugary food and drink as an grownup

  • I went to AQ for varsity and we went to an match outdoor and we have been overdue and it was once darkish outdoor and all of the meals was once long past. I assumed there was once simply path combine left so I used to be consuming it and my roommate needed to inform me that it was once hen seed!

  • TQOTD: I grew up with 2 older brothers- they satisfied me that their toes tasted like peanut butter and jelly- so I licked them- this took place greater than as soon as… it can be a part of my agree with problems as of late. I were given them again with a recreation we performed of ‘make each and every different a unusual snack’ – they ate cat treats of their bizarre snacks

  • That is Carey in GR I have eaten middle and bone marrow

  • Attempted to consume, however could not do it, dehydrated scorpions.

  • I spent 2 weeks with my husbands circle of relatives in Italy. Whilst there, I attempted horse meat. By no means. Once more.

  • Common breakfast for me, garlic and dill sauerkraut jumbled together scrambled eggs with sizzling sauce served with blue cheese on most sensible

  • Haggis.

  • When I used to be a child my older siblings had this pal and he was once at all times over. My older sisters put some pupperoni sticks on a plate and I introduced them to him and he ate them like jerky sticks. He by no means knew.

  • I grew up in Pennsylvania and we butchered pigs each and every wintry weather at our neighbor’s farm. And within the procedure of constructing scrapple, I have attempted with reference to each and every organ in a pig’s frame. My favourite is in truth the kidneys (after the inner sac is got rid of).

  • In point of fact guys? What bizarre factor have you ever tasted?? My brother made me check out hay, like horses consume… Then he met me hang around with him. He is nine years older than me and I simply sought after to be cool.

  • Bone marrow. Cross to the butchers union, they make it there.

  • I attempted to consume some deep fried tripe however I did not have the tummy for it. And the odor haunted me for days.

  • Lamb’s mind

  • I have eaten crickets.

  • Now not me, however my sister-in-law eats cleaning soap when she’s pregnant. It is other with each and every being pregnant. And it must be bar cleaning soap.

  • Pickles dipped in chocolate

  • When I used to be more youthful I used to consume field elder insects. My children now select on me once they see them. They are saying hi there mother there may be your snack. Lol

  • Do not consume sea urchin at a sushi joint…it is disgusting and you’ll burp for days and be reminded of the disgustingness

  • when I used to be little we used to make ” home made jam ” we might take random berries we picked out of my neighbor’s yard and blend them with copious quantities of sugar, I am fortunate I would not have critical diabetes or that the berries we picked for suitable for eating

  • Considered one of my buddies were given dared to consume highway salt, he needed to move to the health center

  • 20 yrs in the past, I attempted putang.. Now I’m a complete vagitarian.. Love you guys

  • I went to Scotland on holiday and attempted “haggis” which is sheep abdomen full of other elements like oatmeal, onion, spices and so on. It was once AWFUL. GAG.

  • Whilst in Afghanistan, I ate some unknown meat from a village cooked over a trash hearth.

  • my sister used to consume fish meals always we needed to eliminate the fish as a result of she would now not forestall consuming all in their meals

  • I attempted the powdered milk replacer for a calf. We continue to exist a red meat farm. It smells like a whopper sweet. The malted milk balls. It smells so so so excellent! It tastes not anything find it irresistible smells. by no means once more

  • My friend made me drink a rat milkshake as soon as for Black Eyed Peas tickets. 2 rats, 2 scoops of ice cream, and water. Tasted like a sharpe smells.

    I attempted chitlins n they’re virtually as dangerous as salmon!!!

  • Morning guys! I have recognized since a tender age I’ve a slightly iron-clad abdomen and will take care of consuming actually anything else. I have eaten all means of plastics, tinfoil, picket, Saran wrap, materials, and different oddities. I made excellent cash in fundamental getting dated to consume bizarre issues lol.

  • ? Of day, I as soon as fed my brother some canine jerky Ha ha ha, I cherish to do dangerous issues

    Whats up guys, I grew up within the south consuming turtle soup, frog legs and alligator! All tasted like rooster. Have an excellent day!

  • Shrimp tails are so much like eggshells if you happen to consume them they are able to in truth tear your intestines

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