Will have to teenage women put on makeup? I feel it is nice. Here is the way to be your daughter’s greatest influencer

Should teenage girls wear make-up? I think it's fine. Here's how to be your daughter’s biggest influencer

So, there’s been some gentle furore over influencer Sophia Grace, 14, sharing her faculty make-up regimen along with her 3.1 million YouTube fans. Her ‘five minute faculty make-up glance’ video comes to the layering of at least 12 make-up merchandise/gear to create her model of a herbal glance, prompting some to debate whether or not teenage women will have to put on make-up, let by myself to college.

As a mom to a daughter, 13, I’ve blended emotions. Do I need her rocking as much as her geography lesson with pencilled in eyebrows and contoured cheeks?  No. However, as a good looks editor with drawers stuffed with make-up samples spilling on the seams, will have to I be shocked that she has taken an passion in cosmetics? Now not in point of fact.

It’s tough,…

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